Memories of Newark

by Rose Eccles


I was born in 1939 in Newark and I lived there till i was 17 years old.

My house was located by Mulberry St., in back of PS&G. I attended St. Johns Catholic church on Mulberry St. When the Church had a car raffle a few neighborhood kids and myself would go to the Rectory a week before the drawing and there we would fold the sold chances and put them in the drum. We spent hours there folding chances and we got sore fingers from it. On the day of the drawing, it was held in the Robert Treat Hotel, we went there to see the beautiful hotel, ice sculptures and listen to the music. Us kids could not stay till it was over, but we sure enjoyed all the festivities.

I also remember Sam Katzins on Mulberry St. They had the biggest pair of bib dungarees i ever saw hanging outside the store blowing in the breeze. They stayed there even through bad weather. Then there was the part of Mulberry St where we food shopped. The fresh killed chicken market and the horse meat store. Jake's Grocery Store was where we bought groceries. Then next door was a large peanut roasting machine that kept the peanuts hot & delicious. The Fruit & Vegetable stands. The Meat market where the butchers would cut the meats any way you wanted. A little soda stand on the corner that sold news papers, books, cigarettes, cigars,& a soda cooler that had ice mixed with soda bottles to keep them cold.

The Chinese restaurants were on Mulberry St across from Market St.
That was a real treat to eat there.

Up Market St was Grant Lunch. It was opened at the sidewalk side so people could buy hot dogs & sodas. Inside was hot corned beef and pastrami sandwiches. They had other things on their menu but I only remember my favorite foods. My Father worked there for 50 years.
Dad came to Newark from Pennsylvania and said he would take the job in Grant Lunch temporary till he found another job. lol He never looked for another, just retired at Grant Lunch!

Gosh I am rambling on & on. I think i will send this off to you now. If you would like more memories I sure have a lot to offer.


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