I'm Looking for You

by Lois Musal-Bender


When I was young I went to Garfield School on North 7th St. We lived on 7th Avenue close to East Orange. We had a great store owned by Pete McMahon. Penny Candy was my favorite. Across the street was the Erie-Lackawanna railroad.

I just loved going to Orange St stores and the movies. When I got older I started hanging out at the Burgundy Sweet Shop (nice guys too). I would take the bus downtown to go shopping. I would also go to Branch Brook Park. I would remember good times with my friends . It was easy, no gangs, not too much crime, people cared about others then. It is a shame that people young and old can't get along. Last November, I went to a Barringer H.S. reunion. My Husband of 43 years and I had a blast. I would like to do one with the people of Garfield School, so if you recognize my name or went to either one of the schools get in touch with me. I want to bring back my friends into my life. They meant so much to me.

If you can remember other good times let me know.

I moved to the Vailsburg section when I was 15, on Mead St. I would like to walk to South Orange Ave. The 5 and 10 was one of the places I went to and then Jimmy Buff's was too. And Weisbrod's Drug store. All the stores were great. The places I worked were Kresges downtown and Neisners in Irvington and then Hammetts School supplies in Union and W.T.Grant service center in Maplewood.

I got married at Sacred Heart Church in 1962. And we moved all around but stayed in NJ. Now I'm doing genealogy for over 30 yrs. GREAT HOBBY

What are your memories? I'm ill with Cancer,Epilespy,Diabetes,Stage 2 Sarcoidosis,Congestive Heart Failure. Time to get my memories together.

I'll close now and I will wait for some replys


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