by Jule Weining


I remember the Roseville section from the thirties. It was a great place to grow up in. I always considered the section to run from the East Orange line to about 6th Street and from William Street to Sussex Avenue and West Market Street. Orange Street was the "main drag" and I can recall most of the stores. DeSpirito's Pharmacy, Neuss Carpet . Spic and Span Restaurant, May's Shoe Store . Eddie's Market, Havelic's Bakery, Zeman's ( who sponsored baseball and basketball teams) Woolworth's in whose back lot we had many football games. The Tivoli, Cobbs etc. On the other side of the street was Davidson's Candy Store, Greenberg's Clothing, Perlman,s Hardware Sinoway Optometrist.

Other stores in the area were: Rutan Jeweler, Herzig Framing, Tilmess Stationery (all of whom had beautiful daughters). Restaurants included Bodholdts. Gus's La Quaghlia Italian, Clipper Ship, Moy Bings, The Wonder Bar, The Mirror Bar. Herman's Hall, above May's held many Lodge Meetings and other functions. Gregory lived on Grey St and had a Potato chip operation in a Garage behind Woolworth's. Churches, where most of social activities took place, included most denominations. St Rose of Lima, Roseville Methodist, Roseville Presbyterian, St Barnabas Baptist, B'nai Brith among them.

Sandlot sports activity was plentiful. Most of the churches had a basketball court and rivalries existed . The Yankee Boys, Pelicans, Pirates, Musketeers and Zemans had baseball teams who played at Branch Brook or Boy's Park and throughout Essex County.

There were some Great names in the area Tindall, Trainor, Gregory, McGrath, Brady Calgary, Balbanoff, Proctor, Cook, Kearns, Sweeney, Dolan, La Mountain. Jacobus Whallon, Avery, Silvey, Ralyea.Mc Elroy, Bonat etc. A tremendous group of people and wonderful neighbors.

Above I neglected to mention Trauth Florist, Taft Furrier, Steinlien Pharmacy and others. All contributed to making Roseville a good place to grow up.

The above captures only a small part of growing up in Roseville.


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