Response to "Memories of Essex Troop"

by Charles McGrath


I enjoyed your story (Essex Troop). I also lived in Roseville. We rented a house at 21 Myrtle Avenue. I was five years old when the Troopers left the Armory in that January. I don't remember their exodus but I do remember always trying to look at their horses. Correct me if I'm wrong. I remember on Orange Street to the right of the Tivoli Theater there was an open area that led to the back of the Armory. Through these windows I could look down and see the horses in their stalls. That was a sight I tried not to miss. The prerequisite was to get across Orange Street with the help of an adult.

My parents bought a house in Vailsburg in the summer of 1941. With the imagination of a little boy I could no longer enjoy the Wild West with everything but the Indians. It's hard to believe that was 61 years ago.

Thanks for your recollections.


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