Fabyan Place "Making Money"

by Jim Hunt


As kids we would collect newspapers and bring them to Virgil's junkyard at the end of Shaw Avenue along side the Lehigh Valley RR. Virgil would weigh the bundles and pay us whatever the price was per pound.

Before taking the bundles of paper to Virgil's we would jump the fence that went around McClory's Roofing Co. located on Fabyan Pl. near the corner of Shaw Ave and take a few roofing slates and stick them between the bundles to give them extra weight. Came to find out years later Virgil knew what we were doing and never said a word.

One of my fondest memories of making money was with Mr. Schuster. Schuster's Pharmacy was on the corner of Schley St. and Lyons Ave.

I was about 10 years old in the winter of 1958. There was a very big snow storm and my friend and I were shoveling snow to earn money. Mr. Schuster payed us ten dollars to shovel the corner sidewalks and his driveway.

The snow was so deep cars couldn't get through the streets. Mr. Schuster asked us if we would make deliveries for him with our sled. He told us he would pay us two dollars each for every delivery we made.

Schuster's Pharmacy was also a liquor store and it turned out what we were delivering to his customers was liquor and not prescription drugs. Some of these people were so grateful to see us on their doorstep in all that snow they were giving us two and three dollar tips. In those days twenty five cents was a good tip to a ten year old.


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