The Clinton Hill Section

by Artie Kozlow

I lived at 177 Chadwick Ave. until 1960 when I moved to Irvington. 177 Chadwick Ave. was across the street from the Bergen Street school and was only a stones throw from W. Bigelow Street. I remember the Jewish synagogue down the street and Joe Kesselman's Market on the corner of W. Bigelow and Chadwick Avenue. An old post office on the corner of Seymour and Clinton Avenues, which turned into a school for young Jewish children. The Avon Movie House was on Clinton Avenue and at least two banks, I think Robert Treat was one of them and Fidelity was the other.

I attended Blessed Sacrament School and Church. Back then the only transportation we had was a bus. I remember the 13 Broad, 9 Clifton, etc. I can remember walking all over to Vailsburg Park, Irvington Park, and other parks, the old orphanage on Clinton and Seymour. They closed it in the 50's. Woodland Cemetery - as kids we walked through it looking at the names and dates. Boyland Street Swimming Pool, remember taking a bus downtown to the RKO Lowes Movie Theaters.

Being a member of the P.A.L. in the police dept on W. Bigelow. I can remember doing crazy things like climbing on railroad cars and we would get chased by the authorities. When it snowed I would take my sled to the top of West Runyon Street and ride it down the hill in the street and that was TOO dangerous. Man, as I sit here thinking, it came to me how we used to jump from roof to roof on those cold water flats. Speaking of cold water flats, boiling water for the bath. Watching the elders shovel coal from the bin into buckets. My kids don't know what they missed. I could remember walking to Dairy Queen on Lyons and Clinton Place for a dime cone. The corner market, the diners, Jewish Deli, Rx Drugs, Woolworth's with those old Hardwood floors and to mention those showcases full of candy.

..............Pennies went a long way back then..............

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