Buffington Street

by Jim Hunt


Reading the Newark memories submitted by Teri brought back a lot of memories. I lived on Fabyan Pl. right across the street from Harry's tavern.

I remember walking home from Clinton Place Jr. high school and stopping in Walt's candy store to hang out and play the pin ball machine with my friends who lived on Leslie St., Wainright St., Fabyan Pl., and Shuley St.

As kids my friends and I would go to The Colber Corp. on Buffington St. The company made accessories for model trains. We would go through the garbage cans looking for the lead figures they made for the train layouts.

I remember looking in the windows and watching the women seated at these long rows of tables painting the little lead figures by hand. The company would also put out large trays of sawdust that was dyed green to dry in the sun. It would later be packaged and sold as grass for train layouts. Needless to say we were often chased but seldom caught.

One day we did get caught by one of the owners, I think his name was Tony Colletti(?). He marched us into his office and at first appeared to be very angry. We were pretty scared thinking he was going to call our parents. He made us empty out our pockets on his desk and told us he could call the police and have us arrested for stealing. Being 8 or 9 years old you might imagine the effect it had on us. After he archived this desired effect his whole manner changed. He told us if we would stay out of the garbage cans he would give us each a set of the little lead figures that we coveted and he was true to his word.

I have a vague memory of the house next to the Colber Corp. I think one of the boys living there was named John(?). I think Teri was friends with my neighbor, Gloria Jean.


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