The Clinton Hill Section

by Marjorie M. Martin

I remember living at 13 Bergen Street when I was six. One memory that stands out was seeing a man on a cold wintry evening selling hot chestnuts. I guess it was an end of an era, for I never saw him again or anyone else doing this. That had to be 1949 or 1950. This was my dad's neck of the woods.

My sister Barbara and I used to go to the Avon theatre for Saturday matinees, lots of 1930's horror movies. We went to Blessed Sacrament Church on Clinton Avenue. I was baptized there. Later on we moved to 26 Beverly Street, between Fabian Place and Leslie Street.

Dad used to have events at Olympic Park, as I still have a newspaper clipping of one of them. I also have a few of a publication called spotlight circa '50's. Mom used to take us shopping downtown, and also on Springfield Avenue. I loved Newark and wish it never changed, for it was a decent city and I miss it allot.


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