North Newark

by Don Treadwell


That was fantastic (response to You might be from Newark, NJ if...). Does anyone have anymore. I think the real name was "Louie Tingaling's" and the grease was guaranteed to make you live a long time - I'm pushing 73! The sausage brought tears to your eyes - but really good on a cold night. Sneaking into the Empire Burlesque was a treat and skipping school to see the big bands at the Adams Theater was the ultimate. I lived across from Branch Brook Park - 281 Lake Street - and my 2nd Cousin, Joe Halpin, was the cop that rode the three wheel motorcycle. I always asked him for a ride and he never could give me one. He lost a toe - amputated from frost bite -- when he saved a person that was drowning in the Branch Brook Lake. Skated there all of the time and thought it was our own private park - always felt sorry for the poor kids that didn't live near there because they didn't have one. Great memories of a great city.


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