Growing Up in Newark

by John Shumanow

I was born in Newark City hospital in 1934 and lived on Belmont Avenue un till I was 5 years old. The building was across from Fishers Bakery. My Great Aunt Lupinsky also lived on Belmont Avenue across from Krueger's Brewery, with a large statue of man holding a beer mug protruding from the front of the building.

I had a tricycle and rode it on the side walk. There was a movie house (National) that showed movies in light brown . We moved to South 12th street when I was 5 years old. We lived in the 1st floor and had a backyard. When I was 7 years old we moved across the street to the 6 family house with railroad rooms and on the 2rd floor. There were a lot if kids to play with.

I walked to South 17th street school through West Side Park. At 9 years old we moved to the corner of South 12th Street and 16th Avenue. The building had a candy store. Our landlord was was Jewish, Mrs. Katz. She used to give me a dime to turn on her gas stove during the Jewish holy days.

My neighbors the Kosloski's had a dig named Bubbish with curled back tail, and they let me walk her on a leash. My friend Allan Taylor lived on the 2nd floor. His father was a butcher that worked on Prince Street. They owned a player piano and I always believed his sister Ruthie played it. I walked to to Madison Jr. High for one year then to West Side High and walked there.

A lot of memories and fun growing up there. Moved to Maplewood NJ when i was 14 years old.


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