Olympic Park

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The Olympic Park Carousel in Disney World

Linda Bruno Kelly Talk about the old days...I was born in Newark and grew up in Union. In the summer between grammar school and high school, I would take the number 8 bus from Elizabeth by myself up to Union Center. My friends and I would meet at the Fannie Farmer candy store on Stuyvesant Avenue and we would wait for the 94 bus. Mind you we were 13 years old at the time. Our parents did not fear for our safety. It was a different time. Somehow, we would sneak into the back of the park through a hole in the fence. We would utilize that gorgeous swimming pool and would just have a great day. Sometimes I close my eyes and wish I could be that 13-year-old again. And let me not forget the roller-skating rink there. Went many times with the Girl Scouts.

Nancy Skyler Spent many, many wonderful times there at the park and in the pool. Lived on Springfield Avenue & 17th Avenue. Our mother would make us bag lunches and send us off on our own to spend the day there. Took the bus up to Irvington Center and then the crosstown to the park. All on our own. We were 9, 11, and 13.
What fun summer days!!! Other times with our parents and went to the roller rink, the open-air food and beer garden, the fun house, the roller coaster, the amusement rides and of course we ended the day on the magnificent carousel!!!

Alicia Matthews On my 35th birthday I spent it in Florida with my brother. He shares my birthday. He is 6 years older. Mom was in a wheelchair, but the carousel is handicap equipped. So, Mom got to ride on the same carousel as she did as a kid with her 2 children and all but 1 of her grandchildren. She was so excited.

Walter Perna I have fond memories of Olympic Park. The Pool, The Circus, The Rides, The Games of Chance or Skill, The Shooting Gallery, The Concerts, The open-air Food and Beer Garden, The Merry Go Round, The Roller-Skating Rink. There was something there for all ages to have fun. Most of all it was affordable for working class people. Could places like this ever exist again?

Susan Detweiler Rehm I'm proud to say that I rode that carousel in Olympic Park Irvington\Maplewood NJ back in early 60s and in Disney World Florida in the mid-90s!!!!

Vinnie Lupiano I rode on it many times. I wish I saved a few of the brass rings.

Alex Bancer I remember going on the wild mouse, scary! and remember big swimming pool

Teri Corso The Wild Mouse was so scary, you felt like you would land up in the pool before the car jerked you and sent you screaming downhill!

Garrett Griggs Had some good times on the carousel at Olympic Park

Alberto Valdes Almost drowned in the swimming pool. Also a lot of roller skating. Great times. Not far from where I lived.

Claire M Becht-White Olympic Park was great fun. The pool was huge. We took the 94 bus there many times in the 50's. So cool that this is in Disney!!!

Allan Howard Whenever I go to Disney, which is not too often with the cost, I ride on the Carousel takes me back to a simpler day in Olympic Park.

Beth Haller Schweitzer Loved going to Olympic Park with my Mother and Aunt Flo!
Had fun on the rides then a hamburger at our favorite place and finished the evening with the show. Fond memories!

Grace OBrien Rode the Olympic Park Merry-go-Round many times and was lucky enough to ride it again years ago in Disney World! Great trip down memory lane!!


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