South 12th Street

by John Shumanow



I lived on south 12th street. We collected paper and scrap metal for the war effort.

West side park held dances with and for the soldiers at the park.

We had block parades and I led the parade dressed as Mr. America, dressed in an Uncle Sam outfit. Sandra Bell was dressed like as Miss America. We marched at the front of the parade and marched around the block.

I attended South 17th Street School. We walked through West Side park to get there. Benny Mintz's dad owned the grocery store on the corner of 12th St. and 16th Ave. Benny took a lot of photographs of us. I do not know if he is still living, but he had a photo studio in West Orange, NJ much later.

I remember the military stayed at West Side Park, but I cannot find anything about it.

My sisters took me to the West End Theater and a German Bund not to far from the theater was closed by the FBI.

Newark has left me with pleasant memories during that time. I also remember walking to and swimming at the Boylan St. pool, and going to Olympic Park. Springfield Ave had the Ritz theater and a lot of stores. We bought Christmas trees and carried the trees back to 12th St.

I left Newark when I was 14 years old and moved to Maplewood NJ.

Does anyone that lived on 12th St or near by have any memories?


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