Newark Memories

by Gary Chambers


Grandpa owned Andy's Bar & Grill on the corner of Fleming and Chapel right where Ferry and Fleming meet.
I grew up there and went to Hawkins Street School, played at Hayes Park and ate Italian hot dogs and even
bought hot dogs from Mikes Busy-Bee horse drawn wagon! Don't think I'd do that today?!?!?!

I lived about seven blocks from Ballentine's Brewery and used to play there in the warehouse and tease the
workers all the time. Got into a few fights along the way, played a ton of sand-lot baseball as well as Little
League and did my fair share of Golden Gloves Boxing.

I've been back to visit a few years ago and the buildings & houses are still there, but it's not the same at all.
Andy's Bar was re-done and Jack's Candy Store is gone....the whole building is gone! Hawkins St looks
the same, but the ethnic background has changed considerably. There aren't many Italian's there anymore,
but the place looks nice for as old as it is. It seems even cleaner than it did 60 some years ago?

I have walked all the way downtown to Bamberger's and back as a child...even rode the bus occasionally---
for a dime! Military Park still looks good.


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