North Newark

by Avril (Robson) Freda


My name is Avril (Robson) Freda & I lived in North Newark on Verona Ave. When I saw the picture of the old Dugans truck, it brought back many memories. My Mom & Dad worked for Dugans back in the 50's.

I remember going to the Kent movies which was located on Mt. Prospect Ave., near Verona Ave. I think it cost 25 cents back then. Also the Elwood movies & the Capital on Washington Ave. Belleville. I met Clara Belle the Clown at the Kent movies.......He was from the Howdy Doody show. He gave all us kids a miniature loaf of Wonder bread. lol And then squirted us with his water bottle.

Who could forget the way Bamberger's used to have all their windows decorated at Christmas time & I think they even had a Carousel inside where you also had your picture taken with Santa & got a gift too.

On mischief night we would walk up Washington Ave. Belleville, where a lot of the stores had their windows painted for Halloween & when the store owners saw us coming they told us it was ok to soap up their windows, but not to use anything else on them. (Like wax) & of course NO EGGS. lol

Branch Brook Park was always a special place for us to go, the cherry blossoms, sleigh riding down Dead Mans hill & just hanging out until dark & then the police would chase us out.
I really enjoyed this site. It brought back so many wonderful memories.

Thanks for letting me share my memories,

Avril (Robson) Freda

PS: I attended Elliot St. school, then Broadway Jr. high & Barringer High school from 1961 - 1964 (Jan. class)


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