West Side High School

by Ron Festa


Does anyone remember West Side High School in the mid-fifties?

I graduated from West Side in 1958 and I never realized how much fun it was!

I remember Dr Snavely, the principal, who insisted that all "boys" wear ties when attending the "auditorium". I also remember making "paper ties" and wearing them to satisfy Dr Snavely. Lunch was great in the cafeteria (not the food) but the friends. I remember playing "table top football" with John Abline and Joe Christi using a pack of matches and trying to flick the match pack to the edge of the table without it falling off.

Playing football with Coach Camici(sp) and the time Charlie Gallo couldn't make practice so he gave his uniform to Ben Boll who tried to fill in for him without the coach knowing. (It didn't work). I remember being able to walk to the third floor of West Side without giving it a second thought; I remember "homeroom", Dr Hartman, my bookkeeping teacher, Mrs Rubino, my Italian teacher and Dr Libby, my English teacher.

I also remember the teacher who was afraid of germs-what was his name? He used a paper towel on the window pole and was afraid he would get sick if someone sneezed. Naturally everyone sneezed for the entire class.

I remember the cemetery next door and lunch at the store across the street, or sometimes walking down to Jimmy Buffs on 12th St and 14th Ave.

Always walked to school; no such thing as "school buses". Before West Side, I went to Madison Jr High on Avon Ave and remember Henry Jones and Russell Reynolds and playing softball in the yard.

Before that, I attended So 17th St School and the only teachers I remember are Mrs Crummy and Mrs Kline and playing "dodge ball" in the tiny gym. I even remember the teacher taking the class for a "walk" across the street into West Side park. (I wonder if that would be possible today).

Anyone know of any 1958 West Side class reunions? If so, please let me know.


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