Central Ward

by Ortha Miller

I remember growing up on 12th Avenue, between Bergen and Hunterdon Streets, right across from Martland Medical Hospital.

My friends and I would play tackle football on the front lawn area near Cabinet Street. We played baseball at the Westside Boy's Club, on Fairmont Avenue. My friends, and I started school at Robert Treat Elementary, then it was on to 7th Avenue Junior High, and from there we all split up. Bobby Scott went to Westside High, Lamont Knight to East Orange High, and Larry Bolling, Donald Simmons, and I were on our way to Central High. I remember all the walking to and from school; also to and from track and football practices at Schools Stadium on Bloomfield Avenue. Eating lunch at Ralph & Lucy's across from N.C.E. (Newark College of Engineering).

The City League's were the best! Cross town rivalry's, and the always huge Thanksgiving Day Game's. It seemed like all the city was alive with Spirit, and Good Will for Everyone. I miss those day's, I miss those player's and coaches; but mostly I miss those teacher's. For me, they were the Heart & Soul of my fond memories of "My Newark"..

Thanks for letting a "forty something guy" reminisce! -)

Otha Miller
Central High, Class of ' 72


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