Ampere Pool Room and Bowling Alley

by Jeffrey Schick


Down on 4th Avenue, right next to Wards Bakery, was a little slice of heaven called the Ampere Bowling Alley.

I started bowling there, in the junior leagues, back in 1956. In fact, I still have all of my trophies and plaques from those days, neatly stored at my home.

I remember when you were eight years old you received a plaque for bowling a 175. Quite a thrill at that age.

The Bowling Alley was owned by a Greek family who also worked the bowling alley side as well as the pool hall.

I remember his name was Jim and another named Pete. All good guys.

As I started to get older (about 12 or 13) I graduated to the pool hall and developed a pretty good eye for the game. It was like a second home. I would go after school and usually spend most of my Saturday's around the pool tables or having a chocolate éclair or pink lady at the soda fountain.

If it was nice outside you could spend your time enjoying the aroma of the Wards Bakery and their Tip Top bread.

They just don't make places like that anymore, do they.

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