Response to Bubble Lights

by Ken Villani


I live in London UK, and about 1950 I bought a string of "bubbles" for our tree. They were very unusual over here, and callers to the house were fascinated by them, my children adored them. Gradually the bulbs "blew" and they were just memories, that was until my eldest asked a few years back "did we still have them?". After I dug them out, he made a couple of modifications and they came back into use. We are now down to six lights, but the grandchildren always ask that they be put back on the tree, this year will be no exception now 54 years on.

Like Harry I had a Lionel train set, and a big box of Erector pieces, which were even years before the bubble light era, and also very rare in this country.

Best wishes to Harry and his trip down memory lane.

Funny thing as well, our last trip to the USA ended in us being bussed from JFK to Newark. if we do get the opportunity to return it will be to my cousin who currently resides in Morristown NJ.


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