Wild Animal Hunt

by Jack Keegan


As dusk falls falls over Newark, our weapons and ammunition are placed in the car. We wind our way through Down Neck along Roanoke Avenue to Foundry Street. Turning off Foundry we enter the dumps. Following a trail we stop on level ground facing a hugh pile of industrial waste. A wait ensues until full darkness has set in.

Now rifles are loaded, headlights turned on reveling the beady eyes of the beasts, hugh rats that inhabit the dumps. Opening fire, bang down goes one, bang another goes down, bang one more is dead. Repeated shooting kills many more, after firing about ten rounds of twenty two ammunition we have exterminated about eight rats. The gun fire has alerted the creatures and they suddenly disappear. We douse the lights and relax.

After a fifteen minute break, we shoulder our weapons, turn on the lights and resume eliminating the vermin. Bang, bang the shooting goes on helping to decimate the undesirables. After expanding about thirty rounds, killing off twenty five or so of the beasts, the hunt is over for the night. It's now time to return home, clean the rifles, a good evening was had by all.

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