Broadway Boys Club

by Peter Ryan


The "memory" of Danny Buckley of the Broadway Boys Club was simply wonderful. Danny was probably too young to recall but before the Club was built in 1958 ( I believe ), stood Hayes Park.

When we first heard that our "hangout" was to be replaced, we were devastated and somewhat upset. After all, where were we to play cards, stick ball, off the point and touch football. I can recall, we contemplated " boycotting", but soon realized what a gem of a place.

Abalu, my lifelong friend, Dominick Maltese, the director and a diehard Detroit Tiger fan in Willie Mays land - we were so fortunate to share our youthful years with such outstanding men. As we grew older, Tony DAquino and I began working at the club, which included the fringe benefit of Friday night meals with Abalu and Bobby De Vito at the Arlington diner.

What about Bobby Freda who ran the gym and all the different leagues depending on the season. As I reflect on Bobby, he was a superb athlete and coach who spent a great deal of time breaking up fights, particularly when visiting teams arrived. To this day I remember Abalu's wealth of sayings, i. e. "Petey Brown - people do things for people, the cause is secondary".

It's amazing after all these years, we still socialize together - Bobby Cappetta, my boyhood idol, Tony, Brendan, Pat McGinley, Jimmy McGinley and the list goes on.

Thanks Danny.

Pete Ryan


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