Life of A Down Neck Boy - Blue Fish Dinner

by Jack Keegan


Few people that used the beaches in Belmar knew what those telephone like poles, protruding from the water three or four miles off shore were for. They held the pound nets that catch the migrating fish, that supply the seafood markets of New York and New Jersey.

Being interested in fishing and fishing boats, many times I went down to the beach at 16th Avenue in Belmar where the catch was landed. Arriving early in the morning at about five thirty or six o clock, it was great to see these fishermen ride their dorys thru the surf landing them on the beach. Now the great task began, transferring the fish from the boat to waiting trucks. Denizens of the deep were loaded into trucks that were filled with ice, to keep the catch fresh during travel.

On morning one of the fishermen that I had befriended looked down at me and said, "Hey Kid you like Blue Fish" I quickly replied, "Yes Sir". With that he tossed two smaller blue fish onto the beach near me. "Thank you very much Sir, I said. Picking up the two fish that weighed about four pounds each, tucking them under my arms I mounted the boardwalk and took off for Eighteen Avenue. Plodding up 18th Avenue to our rented bungalow near F Street I presented the prize to my Mother. She quickly gutted them, cut off heads and tails plus fins and then scaled them,next for them it was the Ice Box. That night for supper we had fresh BlueFish at a great price-Free.


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