Depression Days - Do you Remember

by Jack Keegan


Do you remember that egg shaped device that was dropped into socks to shape them so that the holes could be repaired. It held the sock so that stitches made closed the holes in the them.

Putting cardboard in your shoes to cover the holes in the soles, great except when it rained.

Half Soles - Father using a Last Iron to hold shoe while he nailed the half sole on your shoes.

Heels were replaced with new ones when needed, the old ones made good pucks for hop-scotch.

On dress shirts frayed collars and cuffs were removed, reversed and sewn back on to give the shirt a new life.

Newspaper worn inside your coat to help keep out the cold, good insulation.

City workers receive a 10% pay cut. City issues vouches to city workers instead of cash, many stores accept them in lieu of cash.
Fire engines and truck companies operated with short crews, retiree's were not replaced.

Grocery stores carried customers "On the book".meaning they got paid when money was available.

We went barefooted all summer long, shoes were only worn on Sundays.

One pair of Keds is all we had, they were used in playing all sports.

You sifted ashes to recover any unburned coal.

Youngsters hopped slow moving railroad coal cars to toss of pieces of coal to be picked up later. Anything to keep the home fires burning.

Used condensed milk to seal small punctures in bike tires, lo and behold it worked.


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