Weequahic Park Tower

by Elvan Knight


I lived in the house on Custer Place. There was only one house so if you know the area, you know the house. Across the street were two apartment houses, one was Sycamore Apartments, the other I can't remember. (NM- The Rio Apartments)

Before the Weequahic Park Tower was built on the corner of Meeker Avenue and Elizabeth Avenue there was an old beautiful three story house. I don't remember much about it but I do remember the huge columns in the front. I remember two columns but there could have been four.

In the rear of the house there was a covered drive through, similiar to the one on my house up the street. It allowed people to get in and out of their autos without getting wet when it was raining. It was made of rock and covered with vines. The door to the house went into the kitchen area or maybe a rear foyer. It's kinda difficult to remember that much detail.

Driving through the "drive through", you entered a courtyard with a two or three car garage on the other side.

The whole property was surrounded by a black wrought iron fence. We played there quite a bit. "The Haunted House".

I don't remember what year it was finally demolished, but in it's place they built the Weequahic Park Tower...a 22 story (I think) blue and white monster.

I would love to see a photo of what that house looked like before it was abandoned and went into decay.

Weequahic Park Tower


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