Stephen Crane Village

by Michael Jannicelli


I just found this sit and had to get on it!

I grew up in "The Village" too!, but in the early 1970s. My grandmother Stella Vitiello also lived there for many years until last year. She died just this year. Stephen Crane Village - even though it was the "projects", we had a great time growing up there! Frankie Vallie's mom lived there till she died. All the money he has and she wouldn't leave the village!!! Good old South Pine Lane, North Hawthorne Lane. They still used the sprinklers when I was a kid (my grandmother used to make us go in our underwear and I would cry so bad , but it was still fun.

Remember Anthony Imperiale? I grew up in that house in the late 70's early 80's. Great friends with his youngest boys. Tony was a trip. Had allot of guns in his house, lots of fun in his pool. Daughter Toni was a brat when she was a little girl! His wife Louise (weezy) was a nice lady to me when I was a kid.

Getting back to "The Village", they used to sing on the street corner when I was kid. Always lots of fun. Halloween and mischief night was always a blast too! Do you remember the tripe man who drove through the village yelling "tripolo tripol".

I used to go to "Kielb's" Bakery also, had breakfast with my uncles there all the time as a kid. I worked at "Home Liquors", as a kid stocking shelves.

We used to hang out on the Rail Road tracks behind the Village all the time too.

Some of the best bakeries are from that area on Franklin St.

Branch Brook Park was always nice as a kid, the Cherry Blossom Trees are so beautiful in the summer.

Remember Ting A Ling's / Dickie D's hot dogs, the Belmont (my family is Stretch's Chicken Savoy). Michelangelo's on Bloomfield Ave. The Columbus Day Parade /The ITAILIAN TRIBUNE/ Zarro's Funeral Home.

Getting back to the Stephen Crane Village. It's not the same anymore, although there are still some families there for a long time.

Growing up in Newark was great. Allot of famous people are from Newark and should never forgot about their roots!

How about the San Gennaro Feast on Heckle St. They have it in the back of St. Anthony's now? Miss those zeppole's and the calzones. My grandparents lived on Lake St. right around the corner (but that's Belleville).

Walking to Foodtown with my grandmother was always a good time. Stella new everyone!!!


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