West Side Park

by Karen (nee Thomas) Serecka


I was reading about West Side Park and I lived on 16th Ave right across from the bus company and next door to Joe's Diner. I attended So 17th St school from 1957-1960 (grades 1-3) and then moved to Linden. I remember that my first two wheeler bike was stolen in West Side Park when a boy asked me if he could take a ride - what did I know - I was only 7 or 8 years old - and we could go to the park by ourselves then - can't believe it today.

I also remember the band concerts and dancing in the park - that is where I learned to do the "Hoochie Koochie" (I don't remember the name but you turn yourself all around)....

My mother worked for Public Service downtown and I use to take a bus, by myself, and she would meet me at Broad & Market and we would go shopping. There was a candy store near me called Hahne's or at least that was the owner's name.

The West End Theatre was the best - I saw Tom Thumb there at least 10 times and it only cost $.10 then. There was a bar at the corner and I had a friend by the name of Patty that lived above it with her parents. There was a good bakery by the theatre, I believe it was German or Polish. I can still visualize the hardware store by our apartment too. It sure was nice to have all the stores nearby.

What great memories


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