Mr. Falek and Other Down Neck People

by Richard Harkewicz


My family and I all grew up Down Neck. It was great reading your story and recalling those fine memories. My Falek saying “I’m losing money, but you’re such a nice boy I’m going to let you have those pants for only $10.” Or do you recall Mr. Guman’s Deli (sp ??). What about Curly’s Tavern or the Stockyards at the end near the train tracks. Also, recall the guy selling soft pretzels on Wilson Ave. just before you got onto 1 and 9? Also, they used to have the circus at the old Ironbound Stadium. I also remember Mt. Carmel’s Feast and the old ladies walking through the streets with little lanterns. Do you recall Pfeiffer’s on Napoleon and NY Ave?? I too remember Sue’s Hotdogs…what about Angelo’s on Branford Place and Halsey Street??

Are you related in any way to Mr. Geraci the Photographer…perhaps that’s your father-in-law? I remember Glenn Olohan who married my sister’s favorite girl friend Nancy Woytowich…does any of this ring a bell??

Both my brother Ken and I live in California now. I am a scientist at U of C, San Diego and he’s a vet in Berkeley ­ he used to visit the pet shop on Wilson Ave, I believe it was Mr. Tigis (sp ??). Talking about Wilson Ave, do you recall Pop’s Bike Shop and the hardware store near Lange Street where a Gibbon Ape would sit in the second floor window!!

I could go on and on and on with Down Neck memories!!!

Take care and thanks for reminding me of Down Neck ­ I’ve travel around the US a lot and I really think I was fortunate to have those experiences ­ although at the time I wanted to do anything to get out!!


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