My family and Newark, NJ

by Edgar Andlauer

Edgar Andlauer passed away on April 23, 2006

I was born, raised and educated in Newark. We lived on Lake St. between Park and Bloomfield Ave. right across from Branch Brook Park. My grandfather,Cyprian Friederich and some of his brothers immigrated from Germany (Kapell am Rhein) around 1870. The Andlauer family was originally from Andlau, France, in Alsace-Lorraine but moved to Kapell am Rhein because of the continual fighting by the Swedes, French and Germans over the years. 
My grandfather was a Newark policeman. My parents settled for awhile in the Paterson-Fairlawn area, but then moved back to Newark on Lake St. where the family lived for many years. I was born at Newark Presbyterian Hospital.  
I attended elementary school at Franklin School (on Park Ave. between Garside St. and Summer Ave). Although Barringer High School was much closer, I went to Central Commercial and Technical High School at High and New Streets because there was every expectation I would have to get a job when I graduated. There was no money for me to go to college. My father worked for the U. S. Post Office as a letter carrier, where the salary didn't go too far with a family of four kids. 
Life on Lake St. was very pleasant. The neighbors were mostly of Italian ancestry, but there also was a scattering of Irish and German families. Adubato, Fucello, Kinsey, Kelly, Duffy, Bradley, Hagel, Dey, Waner were all friends. There was one black family nearby, the Wilsons (Ella and Juanita) and Wert Coy. It was safe to play across the street in Branch Brook Park after school. We were "supervised" by the Essex County Police on their motorcycles with side cars. 
We played sports all the time, especially on the Park Athletic Club baseball team with boys from some of the families mentioned above. (I have a photo of our team). 
I graduated from high school in 1939 and immediately got a job at Worthington Pump and Machinery Corp. in Harrison, NJ. I worked days and went to high school nights to get the necessary credits in the arts and science courses that I lacked having concentrated on business courses at Central High. When I matriculated, I started college at night at Newark University in the old Ballantine's brewery. I know well the old "down-town" stores, Hahnes, Orbachs, Kresge, Bamberger's. In fact, I received the Bamberger medal for scholarship when I graduated from Central High. 
In 1943 I entered military service, went overseas and landed at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France in October 1944. After service in France, Belgium and Germany, I was discharged in Camp Kilmer, NJ in 1946 and returned to Newark where my parents still lived on Lake St. I was able to go to college from home attending Newark-Rutgers under the GI Bill and got my BS in Bus. Admin., passed the CPA exam and got a job with Price, Waterhouse & Co. in N. Y. I continued living in Newark and went on for my MBA degree at Rutgers-Newark in 1954. In 1956, I married............


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