East Side High Technical Club

by Jack Keegan


The Club was started for students who were taking the Technical Course, the moderator was Mr. Edgar Cole. Dues were, I believe, about 25 cents per month,the monies accumulated to provide transportation to various Industrial Establishments.

At each months meeting a review was made of a certain type of manufacturing. Sometimes it was a lecture and at other times a movie. All showing different aspects of certain processes. The greatest of all were the field trips to facilities located in and around Newark. Take for instance Iron Foundrys.

A trip was arranged to visit the Kastwell Foundry. Arriving there we were greeted by the company Superintendent who led the tour of the area. First thing was seeing how the molds were made in which the molten iron is poured to make the castings. A board is placed on an iron table, atop this is set a wooded box called a flask. Half a pattern is the placed on the board. A special sand Albany, yellow in color and a certain consistency is then shoveled into the flask. Using a rammer (they are shaped somewhat like a dumbbell) the sand is tamped around the pattern. Now the whole is rolled over on a board and the other part of the pattern is inserted. Sand is rammed in place and the pattern is removed. Holes are made for pouring the iron and the process is complete. Later we see the tapping of the Cupolo, a large circular piece of equipment into which earlier Coke, Limestone, Pig Iron and Scrap Iron are loaded. A fire is started in it, then a blower is put into operation. This raises the temperature to about 2000 Degrees and the contents becomes molten Iron. With a long steel rod, the Ironmaster pokes a hole in a clay plug,immediately the red hot liquid begins to flow. The stream is directed into steel buckets that molders use to pour the white heat into molds. It is directed into an opening known as a spru,when the alloy appears in the riser pouring stops. A very interesting trip and an insight of how a Foundry works.


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