So Many Memories

by Eileen Olohan-Geraci


I grew up at 29 Darcy Street with my parents and three older brothers and moved to 102 Brill Street when I was 8 years old. Recently, my husband (also a down neck original) and I met one of his high school friends down in Atlantic City who he hasn't seen in about 25 years and we were rattling off the down neck memories. It's so funny how your forget some things until someone starts talking about them.

We were talking about Mr. Falek's store on Wilson Avenue (he always had some "nice pants" for you), Dolly & Art's, Sue's Hot Dogs, sleigh riding down "Green Hill", ice skating at the Ironbound Stadium, Beck Hazzard shoe store on Ferry Street and Dickerman's on Wilson Avenue, Ralph's hot dogs at Independence Park, library school at Van Buren St. Library, Krug's Tavern (which is still around!!!), Hayes Pool, "scoring" on the backs of cars in the snow, Dugout Pizzeria, Cazzie's store, Nick's, the "Feast", the picnic at St. Benedicts and the picnic at Wolff's Church, so many places and memories!!!!

Having to be home when the street lights came on was what I remembered the most!!!! And all the neighborhood kids were always out playing - nobody sat in their house watching tv all day!!! Running bases, kickball, three flies up - (in the old Pathmark parking lot on Alyea Street!!!) And so much more.

I can't even remember everything we talked about. It was fun reminiscing. There are so many great memories of down neck - I hate when people talk about Newark as if it's the swamp of the world. They missed out on a lot. :)


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