Some Things I Remember

by Harry T. Roman


I do remember most of those nostalgic items and reminisces I have read in many e-mails and website postings. I thought I would try and contribute some new ones that were commonplace in my Old Newark neighborhood. Here goes……

Multi-colored plastic streamers that hung out of your bicycle handlebars

Baseball cards clothes-pinned to your bicycle wheel fork to make a motor boat sound

Pitching baseball cards

Pitching pennies

Street games like hopscotch, boxball, stickball, and hide and seek

Flavor straws (strawberry was the best!)

Penny candy

Moon hubcaps for your jalopy

Cars with flames painted on the sides of the doors

People fixing their own cars and tuning their engines

Nehi soda pop

Black and white fountain treats

Sitting out on your porch, stairs, stoop, or front walk on summer nights

Teen-age acapella singing groups

Friday night CYO dances

The rag man

Free gifts when you bought gasoline

Free air at gas stations

S&H Green Stamps

Coffee grinders in grocery stores

Pickle barrels

Pigs feet in big jars

Walking or taking a bus to school

School bus tickets

Soda fountain luncheonettes and malt shops


Chinese finger-locks



Cap guns and rolls of caps

Magic 8-Ball to answer your questions

Electric company linemen who really climbed poles (no buckettrucks)

Overhead street trolley wires and rails in the middle of the streets

Men formally dressed for church

Men and women formally dressed for baseball games

Huge Christmas store displays in downtown Newark

Churches that did not lock their doors at night

Two mail deliveries a day

Car doors not locked at night

Playing in Branch Brook Park at night

Boat rides in Branch Brook Park


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