Nazis in Newark

by Carl Michels


I remember visiting an area on a street which ran parallel to Oraton Parkway in Irvington a little distance north of Springfield Ave, which meets the description of Montgomery Hall in the subject article (Nat Bodian's 'When the Nazis Came to Newark -- Details Now Unveiled').

I remember being dragged by a neighbor to a meeting there before WWII for the purpose of attending a meeting of a group which was probably the Socialist party. I remember being introduced to the main honcho of the Socialist party at that time, who was Norman Thomas. I was about fourteen years old. I didn't know who Norman Thomas was, nor did I know anything about the Socialist party.

I also remember that Fritz Kuhn was the head of the German American Bund who lived as I remember it in a house on Union Ave in Irvington just short of Irvington Center. Everyone in town knew who he was and where he lived and were aware of the gatherings of the Bund members, but no one really cared much until the international scene heated up just before December 7, 1941.

I graduated from Irvington High School in 1940 and I have always remembered that there was a girl in one of my classes who was evidently from a German family. Her name was Johanna Lupp, and in either 1939 or 1940, she left with her family and returned to Germany. I have always wondered what happened to her and her family. She was in my class in Latin and was a brilliant student.


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