Memories of North Newark

by Claire Paraboschi


We lived on Sylavn Avenue growing up. My dad Charles was the district leader in our area. My grandmother and aunt were the midwifes who delivered all the babies in the area. They lived on Verona ave with the baby keep well station.

My dad would fill out all the neighbors income taxes for them and in return they would give him a jug of home made wine. He had so much wine that it would end up turning to vinegar.

I also remember going up to the rail road tracks to gather up the coal after the trains would drop lots of it. My dad would send us up to gather it in a pail. Does anyone remember "banking the furnace", screening the ashes and saving the coal that didn't burn?

We were eight children. We went to St Peters school in Belleville, had to walk to school in those days, which was a distance. (No school buses) Does any one remember the Northfield Cheese Co. on Sylvan Avenue?  

I would give anything to have those wonderful memories back again.


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