Stadium Bowling Alley

by Joseph Jannarone


I'm going to tell you a very funny story about my younger brother and the Stadium Bowling alley. The stadium Bowling alley on Bloomfield ave, just up the street from the city Stadium was a place where we as kids could pick up a few bucks as pin setters.

Well just before they installed the automatic pin setting machine and a few years before they had that terrible fire my brother and three of his friends were waiting around for some lanes to open up.

Bored they went to the back of the alley and found a set of steps that lead to the ceiling. The bowling alley had a high roof and the ceiling, for acoustical reason was suspended about 5 feet.

Just enough room for four little jerks to walk on. Why? To this day who knows. After about 10 feet they one by one start crashing through the ceiling. The patrons that were bowling looked up in disbelief to see four sets of legs hanging from their waist down With in minutes the rest of the ceiling came crashing down with them in it. No one got hurt, but it sure made a mess of thing.

With in hours the whole neighborhood was laughing.


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