Charlotte Russe Halvah Chances and More

by Seymour Pierce


During the 20s and 30s we had a small candy store on Prince St. The only time that charlotte russe and halvah were for sale was during the fall and winter. We really had no refrigerated counter cabinets for "summer sale".

Remember "chances" ? You bought a penny candy "chance". If it had a pink center you won a nickel candy or a "grab bag". No fair using your fingernails to "sneak a peek".

It was during those years that fluorescent lights were stylish. To install them Coca Cola discarded those beautiful priceless Tiffany light shades that would now be worth a kings ransom.

Comic books in those days portrayed WW1 heroes, aces flying Spads against Fokkers. Where have all those books gone?

7up replaced 6 ounce Coca Cola and 12 ounce Pepsi replaced them both. Cigarettes sold "loose " for a penny each or 10c per pack of Wings ,Marvels or Sano. (Bet you never heard of Sano!).


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