Dog Gone

by Jack Keegan


One summer morning riding along Doremus Avenue I observed the Newark Emergency Squad Truck parked by the side of the road. Being curious I stopped behind the vehicle and proceeded on foot to observe what was happening. As I approached the truck I saw two Newark Patrolmen open a compartment and remove two cal.45 Thompson Sub-machine guns. From another locker they brought out two fifty round magazines and fitted them to the weapons. Inquiring about the situation I was informed that the had been dispatched to this location to find and exterminate a pack of wild dogs, I enquired if I might accompany them, they said OK as long as I walked behind them.

Moving slowly westward through the weeds and grass stubble toward the dumps, we soon located the canine group. The officers positioned themselves for a clean view of the animals. Wham one dog fell, wham, wham another joined it. Slowly but surely as more shots rang out, most of the critters were cut down. I will say one thing those denizens of the law were crack shots. One member of the pack ran around use and headed down Doremus Avenue. One of the Officers asked me if I would give chase,jumping into my car with that guardian of the law on the left running board off we went. A short distance down the road the dog left the road to follow a railroad spur, I followed for a short space and stopped the car. The patrolman jumped off and fired one round wham,that ended the pack People who worked or went thru that area, would no longer be attacked by those wild dogs.


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