The Newark Evening News

by Newark Talk Collective


Robert L:
Newspapers nowadays are all morning editions, but I remember that the Newark News used to put out, I can't remember how many editions a day. Looking back on it, it seems amazing. I remember my dad used to send me in to get the paper's very latest edition published each day, (because it had that day's race track results LOL). I think it was the "Late Late Final" or "Late Final Edition? I remember looking through stacks of them, from the Late Final, then the Late Afternoon Final, then the Afternoon Final, then there was the Morning Late edition and the Morning Edition, wasn't there? Does anyone remember all those editions, and if those names were correct

Carol T:
I remember going to the corner of Clinton and Bergen around 5:30 to be with a friend that sold the evening edition of the Newark News to people getting of the bus. I must have been about 8 years old and that's kind of amazing. Couldn't let an 8 year old girl stand on a busy corner selling papers now. But back then it was OK.

Jule Spohn:
You are correct with all of those "Late Edition" titles. The Newark Evening News was a great newspaper - can't say the same thing about the Star Ledger though.

Had to smile about your dad's getting the late edition for the day's race results. My dad would get it for the same thing. Also, every night around 5pm one of the radio stations would give the day's racing results about the time when we were having dinner. If my dad's horse lost he would bang his fist on the table and say "Son-Of-A-Pup." That was the worse language he used. He never cursed in front of me or my mother.

I guess our dad's all grew up in the same neighborhood. Everybody bought the paper to check the races. Now they check the lottery.

Jim Bates:
The last edition, which came to the stores in Vailsburg at about 5:30PM was the "Sports Final". My father got it to see the closing stock prices. the Newark Evening News was one great paper !

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