Tavern Memories

by Stuart Albert


The article about the "Tavern" brought back wonderful memories for me.

I'm a South Orange boy, but I worked around the corner from the "Tavern" on Empire St. We were the Gallo Wine distributors for the State of NJ and it was our habit to eat breakfast at the Weequahic Diner (with Leo & Morris Bauman looking over our shoulders and chatting with us as we ate), sometime lunching a monster sandwich & a beer at "Staches", but most of the time you could find us at the "Tavern".

My father-in-law, Larry Alexander (the co-owner of Gallo Wine Sales of NJ), his partner, Jerry Weil, and Larry's cousin Dave Slobodine were a fixture at their own designated table.

They came alone, together, with friends, business associates and customers. I can't say that I was an important person at the table, but I was there and part of the "Tavern's" history as well as our own.
I can remember that first time Ernest Gallo went with us for a luncheon meeting, he was so impressed with the restaurant that every time he came to NJ after that, he would make sure that we had our meal there.

It's sad, the passing of that era, but to have been part of those times, is of itself, what make the memories so sweet.

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