This is My Story about the Riots

by Barbara Richardson


My husband and I came from Newark, we were both born there, and left there when our children were born and was older and then we moved to Irvington.

The first night that the riots started, I lived on Grove Street in Irvington. A few blocks from South Orange Ave. My husband and I had four children, ages from nine to twelve. My oldest Daughter was staying with her grandma that night, at 711 Grove Street. We had heard on the radio that there were riots in Newark and we got concerned for our daughter and my mother, so we got our three children out of bed and had them get dressed, so we could go and see if our daughter was ok.

We had taken a baseball bat with us just in case we needed to protect ourselves. We lived on the third floor and when we went down the stairs to the first, we found a bloody cloth, but no one was around, we had thought that someone from the riots had been in our hall, but we had never seen anyone.

When we got to my mother’s home everything was quiet. So we left and went back. We could hear shooting from our building. So we had asked our friend on the first floor, to bring her children up to our apartment, where it would be safer, and we put all the kids in the middle of the apartment, so if anyone did shot at the apartment the kids would not get hurt. My husband had a small appliance store on the corner of Sixteenth Ave and Ninth Street, in Newark, he could not go to work till it was all over with, and when he got back to work it was a mess.

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