As a result of visiting the Old Newark Web Site...

by Barbara L. Rothschild


As a result of visiting the Old Newark website, I have made contact with the son of the obstetrician who delivered me sixty years ago.

Marvin Gershenfeld, who has a memory on the Old Newark website also, is now eighty years young. He is the son of the late Dr. David Gershenfeld, a Newark gynecologist-obstetrician, who had his office and home on Hillside Avenue in Newark. Dr. Gershenfeld was associated primarily with Beth Israel Hospital on Lyons Avenue, and also with St. Barnabas Hospital, which is now located in Livingston, N. J.

Dr. Gershenfeld delivered me in July of 1944, and was a most compassionate physician, according to my late mother. He delivered many thousands of other babies, most all of whom are ex-Newarkers, as well. Some of those "babies" today may also be subscribers-"devotees" of the Old Newark website too!!!

While browsing through the memories section of Old Newark, I first came across the Gershenfeld name as a contributor to the site. My curiosity prompted me to email Marvin, with regards to his relationship to the good doctor. I not only discovered that Marvin is his son, but that we were also "neighbors", what with I growing up as a child one street (a block away) parallel to Dr. Gershenfeld's home and office on Hillside Avenue. I lived at 321 Belmont Avenue.

Marvin also read my memory about Jerry Lewis' former residence on Hillside Avenue, and also verified my story regarding same.

I have begun to correspond with Marvin as a result of the website!

Additionally, Marvin tells me he is a veteran of World War II, and that many of his wartime memoirs have been recorded and preserved on the Rutgers University website. He has just emailed the information to me, and I look forward to logging into the site, to read what those memoirs are.

Now, isn't my story one that says "can you top this?".......And I owe it all to the Old Newark website also!!!!!!


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