As a result of visiting the Old Newark Web Site...

by Bill Newman


Most of us have made contact with someone from the past or know of someone who has. This experience of mine tops anything I know of.

On the site, among other stories, I have the Chinese Laundry and Shoveling coal. They tell of my acquaintance with a Chinese Laundry and the owner in my neighborhood about 65 yrs ago.

Last week I received an E mail from a man requesting more info about the laundry's owner, George Young. Through our email exchange I have learned the this man is related to George Young and the teenager that worked for George.

This man, John Eng is doing research on his family and was led to me by my story on Oldnewark. John was born in Newark, as was I and we are having a great time taking that famous "walk down memory lane."

Can you top this?


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