Springfield Avenue at Christmas

by Tom Sherman


I grew up on Holland Street and remember how special Christmas was as a child. The season always began when the Christmas lights appeared across Springfield Avenue.

I would often check them out from the vantage point of Nuasbaums Drug store. It was an old fashioned drugs store. Just medications and a soda fountain. Jerry was a trusted family friend for many folks and you could call and ask him questions about your symptoms and if he thought that you needed to see a doctor.

Soon after the arrival of the lights, the tree salesman usually had the trees lined up. We always got ours around the 23rd. Guess I enjoyed the outdoor lights on Springfield because my Mom wouldn't allow lights on the tree at home. Too dangerous!

I recall too when the independent buses challenged Public Service and began to appear on the 25 Springfield and 31 South Orange routes. But Christmas was always a special time and while it got started later than it does today, I enjoyed every minute.

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