West Newark

by Florence


I was born in Newark and lived on Peshine Avenue. I went to Bergen St. school, Badger Ave. - Peshine Av. school; went to Weequahic, moved to Calif. before graduation ('57). On Peshine Avenue I went down to the cellar to shovel coal, it was scary. Ships candy store was on the corner. Anyone know the McGouphs (sp?) of Peshine Avenue? Ann-Marie and John, mom Aurella? and the Adams family who lived across the street from me, lots of kids. I think Barbara Adams.

Sledding down the "hill" on the corner near the jailhouse. Going to the jailhouse at Christmas for a gift toy from Santa. (Alan Barnett, my mom's friend's son.) I remember Clinton Avenue and the movie theater, Saturday matinees w/ lots of cartoons and the continuing mystery. The 5 &10, fun to walk through, the Jewish orphanage, and Tertzis ice cream parlor on Clinton St. (my mom would meet us at Bergen St. school and take us there. What a treat! Downtown, I remember Bambergers, and S. Klein on the Square. Chock-full o nuts where I waited for the bus to go home to Badger Ave. I worked at Lerner's part time in high school. The Christmas store windows, animated. on the bus I would look out the window and see a sign on a window "mail me monday" what did it mean??

Anyone remember Stash's Tavern on Hawthorne?


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