by Larry Geller


A memory that's as vivid as today. Our family was moving into my paternal grandparents' 2 family house at 394 Clinton Place, the home having been constructed for my grandparents in 1924, a couple of years prior to the opening of Maple Avenue Grammar School. They had moved uptown from "Down Neck" and now my pregnant mom and my dad & I were joining them, to live above their flat. We had been living in an apartment at 50 Milford Avenue near the old Sears store across Elizabeth Avenue from Schleifer Park. I distinctly recall our couch being hoisted through the second floor living room window and how I marveled at that technical feat! All this occurred in October, just before my brother's birth on Columbus Day and just before I turned 4 in November. Today, I live and work in Austin, Texas, my mom & that brother born in October have since died. I will definitely continue to e-mail my recollections as time permits. Thank you for the opportunity to put my memories into words.


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