Weequahic Park Race Track

by Sanford M. Weissman

I grew up in the projects on Dayton Street (Otto Kretchemer Homes and Seth Boyden). As a very young person I walked the horses boarded in the park at the time. I got $2 for every hot walk and $2 for cleaning out the stalls. Which in those days (the 50's) was a lot of money for a 9 year old.

Sundays were racing days at the oval located right off of the Dayton Street entrance with the Park Police Station right there that is now located on the Elizabeth Avenue side of the park. If we, the young guys, were lucky, we were able to sell programs to the general public for the 9 or so races that they held on racing days.

After the races we had to hot walk the horses and make sure they were fed and groomed. This was an enjoyable time for me because I was able to hear all of the BS that took place between the owners and drivers. If you wish to see some of the original pictures all you have to do is go to Josloff Glass located on Meeker Avenue (yes its still there but in a brand new building) to look at some of the old pictures of that era.

You also mentioned the Weequahic Diner on Elizabeth Avenue, how about the Tavern Pantry that was on the Corner of Elizabeth Avenue and Meeker Street? They were both owned by the same person who owned The Claremont Diner on Bloomfield Ave in Verona. These diners had the best, and I do mean best Cheese Cake in the whole universe

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