by Irwin Kaston


Back in the 1930's, I lived on Jelliff Avenue near Hawthorne Avenue, which was just several blocks up from the Weequahic Diner, which I later visited many times. I remember when the White Castle, across from the diner, was built and the hamburgers were 5 cents each.

Not mentioned by Nat Bodian in his memories or on the website is what was on the site before the Weequahic Diner was built. I remember my father taking me out for breakfast early on a Sunday morning, prior to going fishing down off the Long Branch pier, to the diner on that site before the Weequahic diner. I remember the first diner as being an old trolley car that was converted to serve as a diner and that it was torn down and later replaced with the newer Weequahic Diner.

I also remember going to Millman's & Sabin's for 15 cent hot dogs "with the works" as a teenager and later taking my own children there later on in years.

I also remember walking evenings from Jelliff Avenue over to Clinton Avenue near Bergen Street to a store known as "Baker's Pianos" where we would buy 78 rpm records.


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