by Ron Eckstein


I grew up at 464 Jelliff Ave., even though for the first 3 months of my life in 1948 I lived on Marie Place. The house was owned by my grandfather Louis Sudler. After selling his horse and wagon he opened a fruit and fish store on the corner of Jelliff and Badger Avenues across from Kessler's Pharmacy.

The house was a 3 story wood framed walkup with the usual wooden steps in front where I had monumental stoop ball games. I shoveled coal into the furnace with my father and grandfather until the front of the house was dug up and oil was delivered rather than coal.

I attended Peshine Ave school, just a couple of blocks away from the house. Every Friday night we went to the Diner because we certainly could not afford the Tavern. Every Saturday I went to the Park and if I was lucky I would get to go on the pony rides across from the Park and have a hot dog at Millmans or Sabins.

Those were definitely the good old days!!!


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