by Mrs. Sheila (Bain) Dishell


My most vivid memory is of the number 6 Cross-town bus from which I could get anywhere! I worked part-time after school at Haine & Co. and lived on Fabyan Place. After work (9 at night) I could ride the #6 home and walk the 12 or so blocks unafraid to a door that never needed to be locked.

I lived across the street from the Hoffman soda warehouse and remember vaguely a Drake's Cake factory a few blocks away. My father was an air raid warden during the 2nd World War and every home had to keep a bucket of sand available in case of an air raid bombing (a lot of good that bucket of sand would have been!!) He had to go out with his gas mask and flashlight during the blackouts to be sure everyone had their windows covered.

The entire neighborhood was like one family, looking out for each other's children. Our Weequahic neighborhood was a rich mixture of Jewish and Italian and everyone got along great! The memories of yesterday are so much richer than the realities of today, aren't they?

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