by Adele Rosenbaum Armm


Someone sent me that great article about the Weequahic Diner and it really made my day. I was born on High Street at the Newark Maternity Hospital and lived in the Weequahic section until 1947. I graduated from Weequahic High School and often think about that "grand old city."

I loved the Tavern Restaurant, the Weequahic Diner, and every Sunday my friends and I used to walk around the lake in Weequahic Park. None of us had much but we enjoyed our simple pleasures that the city afforded us.

Does anyone remember Stash's on Hawthorne Avenue with the delicious shrimp and yummy sandwiches? I lived on Hawthorne Avenue and Jelliff Street for part of my growing up and used to go there often...in addition to that wonderful White Castle on Elizabeth Avenue where for .05 you could get such delicious hamburgers that my mouth still waters when I think of them.

My home for the past 29 years has been Florida but my heart is still in Newark. When I married, my husband and I owned "Okenfus' Heating Supplies across from Weequahic High School. Do you remember when the Okenfus boys used to "buzz" the school with their airplane?

My memories of Newark are still vivid in my mind. Such simple pleasures we had...playing games on the street....sitting outside on your "stoop" with the neighbors who all loved each other and had little else. Do you remember when they blocked off Schley Street, Field Place, Keer Ave. and Fabyan Place and the square block was used for roller skating with no cars allowed? I may be older than you for this was one of my fondest memories.

Incidentally, there is a book available called "Newark," I believe, and in it are pictures of my family who owned the first kosher restaurant in the city on Broome Street. Also, there are pictures of the Armm boys....Dave, Eddie, Teddy, and Jake....if you can, look it up at one of the book stores and you will enjoy reading about the city.

Anyone still around who graduated in 1940-41? I sure would like to be in contact with them.


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