Third Ward Memories

by Seymour Pierce


I went to Montgomery Street School about 1926. At that time we had a small candy store corner on the corner of Broome and Montgomery Streets. Next door and I mean right next door on Broome Street was a stable where a few horses, etc. were domiciled. Across the street was a grocer, who, believe it or not, was building a small airplane in his basement. He planned on getting it out piecemeal and to fly off into the sunset. Don't know if he made it. Two doors up from our store, on Montgomery Street there was a lot of building going on and it turned out to be a garage for Satsky Trucking, which became A & P's trucker.

At that time I went to Montgomery Street School (first or second grade) and I remember my two closest friends were one of the Helper's (mentioned in another item) and a Sam Hoffman with whom I was in touch (later on Rutgers Street and the Elizabeth Avenue bowling alley) until his passing a few years ago. If anyone out there knew Sammy I am sure they would have an anecdote or two about him. He was, without a doubt, the most talented mimic, mime and comic I had ever seen, but never on a stage.

I will continue this at another time...stories about my experience as a "candy butcher" at Elvings Metropolitan Theater where I saw Paul Muni and my experience as a young scorekeeper at the YMHA Hebrew Club basket ball games. At that time with the "center jump" after each score, there was time to remove and replace a score card.

P.S., it was on Prince Street I started my dirty habit of smoking. When those Camels, Luckies (at 10 cents a pack or one for a penny) ads were being placed on windows and cigs were handed out to anyone passing by. The habit lasted 60 years but I did quit, I hope you all do. If you read this I want to thank you in advance for your patience ...this has become a great experience

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