Newark Memories of the Regent Movie House

by Arlene Mergner


Reading the Newark Memories of others brings thoughts of my own childhood back to me. Sometimes it seems they have lived my childhood. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Regent Movie House on Broadway in Newark. If you were a child living in the 1st Ward, you spent many a Saturday (and I mean a good part of the day) at the Regent. For a quarter admission you were shown two feature films, newsreels, loads of cartoons and a serial. PLUS should your eyes hold up and your Mom didn't come looking for you, you could stay and see everything over and over again. Many children brought their lunch in paper bags.

Certain nights the Regent gave away dishes/glasses/flatware to every customer. My Mom would take my sister and I to the Regent on those evenings so she could complete her set faster! From the number of people attending on dish night I'm certain half of the 1st ward had the same set of china.


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